Theme Features

Theme Features


Custom category listings

In this template you can set 3 additional category listings:

Events listing I


Events listing II


Administration & Stuff


Administration & Stuff Single post:


Event Info


Event data may be represented using Custom Custom Fields of posts from event lists categories.


These data are also used by the Events List portal mode in News Show Pro GK5 module.

Page CSS styles

frontpage – adds some style adjustments to the page which is a homepage.

bottomX-bar – removes paddings and adds table display for the widgets in the bottomX widget area

bottomX-grey – adds grey background to the bottomX widget area

bottomX-fullwidth – makes the bottomX widget area a full width

You can add these classess in Template Options -> Features tab (As X you can use IDs from 1 to 4.


If you want to display icons, please use the following syntax

 <i class="CLASS_NAME"></i>

to display the icon.


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